Vittorio Sabelli

Dawn Of A Dark Age is an Italian project founded in 2014 by Vittorio Sabelli ‘VK’ in order to travel into uncharted musical territories, primarily using unusual instruments such as clarinet, saxophone and more into the black metal.

Since the beginning ‘VK’ wrote songs fusing together various influences from black metal to jazz. These early songs were recorded at Third Floor Studio and released as the group’s debut album Vol.1 Earth in July 2014, which also was the first part of the planned sixology.

In the ensuing years ‘VK’ spent a lot of time creating the second chapter of the saga, Vol.2 Water, released in January 2015. On this album the band tried to experiment by recording ‘on plein air’ (Mouettes a midi sur la mèr Adriatique). They also added the classical instrument viola and two new vocalists Malàk and Belson alongside Buran.

On plein air means that ‘some of the recordings are done outdoors in places or under circumstances of significance to each element’ and the inclusion of non-traditional instruments and other sources of sound like trees, water, leaves and animals call’s are used.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Vittorio Sabelli ‘VK managed to make a strikingly beautiful and intense continuation of his two previous albums. He did so without falling into the trap of merely repeating himself. By this point, Dawn Of A Dark Age was ready to record the third album in The Six Elements saga, Vol.3 Fire. This was achieved with Finnish vocalist Raato of Graveborne and with guests appearence by cellist Karlsson, violist P.Kast and Graziano Brufani on the doublebass.

The opener ‘Desperate Echoes From The Wood’ from the last album Vol.4 Air was recorded at night in Monte Castel Barone’s woods to capture the real and natural sounds of music.

The new line-up was complete with the drummer Diego Tasciotti and vocalist Lys. All of these elements are carefully woven into a rich musical landscape and complemented with whispering voices, melodic sections and mighty winds sections.

Although Dawn Of A Dark Age’s music share characteristics with music typically labeled as Atmospheric, Folk, Jazz and Avant-Garde, none of these genres can really describe the unique  style. Everything is fused into the black metal matrix.

It truly must be experienced.